Our mission is to support, encourage, & empower young people to become their best selves.

The Hub serves youth in grades 7-12 from Bradford, Vermont, and surrounding towns.

The Hub offers a safe, supportive, inclusive, and fun place for youth in our community to spend time. There is quiet space to socialize, do school work (with help available); there are board games, video games, air hockey, pool table, laptops to use, a piano, arts & crafts supplies, and more, as well as free healthy snacks & food to bring home. We also offer weekly activities like Magic Club, Friday night cooking, and our new STEM program!

The Hub’s hours:

Tuesday 2-5 pm
2-5 pm
Thursday 2-5 pm

Friday 3-8 pm
Saturday 1-4 pm

Masks are optional for all who visit the Hub.

Latest News:

August 2022 - Fun events at the teen center this month!

August 11 The Science of Cookies
August 12 Teen for a Night Fundraiser
August 17
Dreamcatcher Art & History
August 19 Back to School BBQ at Elizabeth's Park
August 2
5 Magnetic Slime

August 2022 - The Bradford Teen Center is on the move! (But not far--our new location will be at 134 Main Street in Bradford, just upstairs & around the corner from our current location.)

Please lend a hand on moving day, Saturday August 20, 9 - noon. Snacks & drinks provided!

July 2022 - Please join us in welcoming our new part-time employee, Karen Paquette! Karen shares that she is excited to work at The Hub because “I have worked with kids of all ages for several years, and I think the teenage group is fun.” She enjoys hiking, reading, and owns a small metal crafting business. Karen grew up in Bradford, and lives locally with her partner and her dogs, Piper and Floki. “I’m excited to help inspire creative thinking!” Karen says.

June 2022 - This summer, The Hub will be offering new summer hours along with an exciting new programming schedule for teens. We will offer engaging STEM activities, in-depth art projects, themed Friday Nights, a “Pool Season” (as in billiards, capped off with Superpool Saturday at the end of the summer), attendance prizes, rainy day activities, and a new discussion group called 'Let's Talk About. . .', featuring current issues teens face in daily life as well as the changing world we live in.

On Tuesday June 14, we’ll kick off The Hub's summer hours:

Tuesday - Thursday 2-5 p.m., Friday 3-8 p.m., Saturday 1-4 p.m.

Also starting Tuesday June 14:

  • 'Let's Talk About...' group - every other Tuesday

  • Art Group - every other Wednesday,

  • STEM activities - every other Thursday

  • Pool teams will practice and play every other Saturday

  • Along with cooking and dinner, every Friday night will have a theme or activity for teens to engage in.

For the full lineup of activities and events throughout the summer, see the calendar on the last page of the May newsletter.

Rainy Day Schedule: During the summer, on any weekdays (Tuesday-Thursday) with heavy and persistent rainfall, The Hub will open at noon and offer lunch to all teens who come down.

This summer schedule will run from June 14th to August 31st.

Attendance Prizes: Teens who attend The Hub on weekdays will also receive punches on an “attendance punch card”. Teens with twelve punches will get to choose a random prize, ranging from cool trinkets to gift cards for local businesses.

Email and Text Alerts: Parents and teens will have the opportunity to sign up and receive e-mail and/or text alerts for upcoming events, rainy day schedules, and any changes made to the programming schedule. The summer programming is subject to small changes due to the fact that we can't predict the future. . . yet.

May 2022 - Bradford Teen Center has appointed Emily Cummings to the position of Executive Director. Cummings is already familiar to teens attending the Hub, since she has been serving as part-time staff member since March of this year.

Cummings, who lives in Bradford, brings to the position a strong background in human services, most recently as a substance abuse counselor. Her enthusiasm for working with young people is obvious to all who meet her.

"I’m really excited to take on this role as the director of The Hub," she said, "not only because I enjoy working with teens, but also for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community."

"I want the The Hub to be not only an entertaining and enjoyable space, but also a haven where all teens feel they can come be heard and be safe, no matter what is going on in their lives," she continued.

Sixth graders and their parents can meet the new Director at The Hub's 6th Grade Open house Friday, May 20 from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m.

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