Food for Thought 

What is Food for Thought?

We feel strongly that our mission to provide teen safety includes always having food to eat! Bradford Teen Center works hard to find funding that supports our efforts to keep our kitchen fully stocked with yummy, healthy food for our teens. Teens may also take food from our kitchen home with them. 

We also strive to offer food to anyone in our community who needs it.  Anyone may ask us, and will provide whatever we can  to help keep our community fed. Local non-profit Willing Hands, provides us with donations of fresh produce, milk, eggs, and more every Friday morning. You can often find free produce and other goods in front of the center on Fridays!

Our summer culinary camp is also included in this endeavor; Culinary Camp is free to committed teens. Teens learn basic to advanced kitchen skills, basic nutrition, and simple recipes they can make at home. Culinary Camp ends with a cooking competition where teen contestants have opportunities to win prizes for their meals! 

We can continue to help provide food and Culinary Camp thanks in part to Willing Hands, Hannaford Supermarkets, The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust,  National Life Group, and more!

Stop by and take anything you need if you see this out front. Don't worry, the perishables only go out when it's real cold. You can always ask inside if you need milk, eggs, ect. We'll be happy to share if we can!